Westin Crystal City, VA (January 2021)


Booked using Marriott.com for $59 per night before tax. Total room charges inculsive of tax was $133.74.


Once upon a time, this property was a Sharaton (I’d guess around seven years ago). That’s about where the fixtures are in the refresh cycle; worn, but not terrible.


Checkin was easy, and they asked if I’d stayed at the hotel. Despite COVID, the bar was open past five, and for breakfast they offered a selection of items from the gift shop on a prefilled card. I got a frozen breakfast sandwich, Kind bar, and OJ both days.


Reasonably large, fairly typical Westin room. Looking at the fire-escape map on the door, it looks like most rooms on my floor were the same.

Food and beverage

I did get several very strong vodka-tonics from the bartender, who was very nice.


Service was friendly and helpful.

Rating (out of five)

Three stars.

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