Westin Dallas Downtown (January 2021)


I had originally booked this reservation for inaugural weekend, but with the January 6 events, DC went into lockdown, so I attempted to push it out. I did so by calling the Platinum line and pleading my case. The CSR finally called the hotel who agreed to move the date on a nonrefundable reservation gratis.

Naturally they still charged my card, and I’ve been fighting with the Bonvoy line ever since. The latest is they’re going to “review my call” to independently determine whether they owe me a credit. Meanwhile my itchy trigger-finger is ready to ask Amex for a chargeback.


The property is downtown Dallas in a concrete-and-glass-type, mixed-use skyscraper. Have you ever been downtown Dallas? Then you know what to expect. If not, it’s a bit surreal and a bit underwhelming for a raging metropolis.


I booked a traditional King, which they upgraded to a Deluxe Corner (this hotel also has three levels of suites). Supposedly Marriott brand standards were back, so I asked about breakfast as an option (no) and a lounge, which they did not have. The front-desk agent then caught on and thanked me for my Bonvoy membership.


The room was better than expected, both because the ceiling was high and the windows large. This time there are pictures.

The entry was split from the rest of the room by a closet and a bathroom.

The entry and closet were split from the main part of the room.
Hallway leading to living area.

The “living” area of the room featured a bed, a desk, and a small sitting area. Not huge. True to the room’s description, it was a corner room with great views.

Living area of room
Views of downtown Dallas from room.
And again.

Food and beverage

There was a restaurant downstairs that allowed room charges, which was not a breakfast option. I forget what I had, sadly, so it was neither amazing nor terrible.


Service was friendly, if sparse, as is common in the times of COVID.

Rating (out of five)

Two stars.

As it turns out, the property and Bonvoy will not acknowledge the waiver in changing the date.

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